Embryonic Stem Cell Research/Human Cloning

photo561“Creating new human lives in the laboratory solely to destroy them is an abuse denounced even by many who do not share the Catholic Church’s convictions on human life. Also, this means of making embryos for research will be taken up by those who want to produce cloned children as “copies” of other people. Whether used for one purpose or the other, human cloning treats human beings as products, manufactured to order to suit other people’s wishes. It is inconsistent with our moral responsibility to treat each member of the human family as a unique gift of God, as a person with his or her own inherent dignity. A technical advance in human cloning is not progress for humanity but its opposite.”

– Cardinal Seán O’Malley, OFM Cap.


“The being that is now you or me is the same being that was once an adolescent, and before that a toddler, and before that an infant, and before that a fetus, and before that an embryo. To have destroyed the being that is you or me at any one of these stages would have been to destroy you or me.” Dr. Robert George, Professor – Princeton University “Cloning is an evil; and cloning for the purposes of research actually exacerbates the evil by countenancing the willful destruction of nascent human life. Moreover, it proposes doing this on a mass scale, as an institutionalized and routinized undertaking to extract medical benefits for those who have greater power. It is slavery plus abortion.” Diana J. Schaub, Ph.D., Member of the President’s Council on Bioethics “Modern genetics reveals a fundamental biological fraternity among all men. It is under this heading that the [human] embryo merits unconditional respect. To measure one’s respect according to the age or weight of the fetus opens the door to all kinds of monstrosities.” Jean-Marie Le Mene, President of the Jerome LeJeune Foundation “Human cloning – for any purpose- is an enormously troubling development in biotechnology. It is unethical in itself and dangerous as a precedent…It is also a giant step toward a society in which life is created for convenience, human beings are grown for spare body parts, and children are engineered to fit eugenic specification. We cannot allow human life to be devalued this way.” United States’ Statement on Cloning to the United Nations, February 2002.