Serve with Purpose.
Grow in Mission.
Work for us.

Serve with purpose.

You were made on purpose for a purpose only you can fulfill. God has uniquely gifted you with a vocation to serve the local church as an offering of faith.

Grow in mission.

As a new creation in Christ, you have been sent on a mission to glorify the Lord by your life. Here is the place you get to access your talents and receive God’s vision to help build the kingdom. Come ready to serve and leave transformed.

Work for us.

This is a collaborative community of leaders desiring to bless the church with the gift of their lives. We live as His handiwork when we, rooted in love, step confidently into who God made us. If the Diocese of Orange is your mission field, then this is the role.

“Working as a teacher at Rosary has been a wonderful experience. My goal each day is to help the students grow intellectually and spiritually in their faith. I’m blessed to witness Christ’s work within the lives of my students."

– Anthony Bravo, Religion Teacher, Rosary Academy

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