Emmaus Institute FAQ

Basic Certification

If you can’t recall your student number, click the: Forgot Password and then you will enter the email associated with your student portal. You will shortly receive an email with your student number. This way you will have your student number and your new password to log into the Emmaus student portal.

If you need a change in your student profile on the Emmaus Institute please email our office at [email protected] with your student number, name, current email address, and the requested update so our office can make the changes for you.

In person classes are offerd. Online courses continue to be available through our partnership with Catechetical Institute (in both English and Spanish). Plans are currently underway to launch in person classes beginning with Summer Institute, August 2-14, 2021.

Basic Catechist Certification continues according to the guidelines published by the California Conference of Catholic Bishops in partnership with the Region XI Diocesan Directors of Catechetical Ministry (2009). With Pope Francis’ call for “missionary disciples”, the guidelines have been applied in an intentional way to foster a holistic approach beginning with an encounter opportunity (an opportunity for each catechist to strengthen and renew their relationship with Christ in a retreat). This approach builds on the systematic and methodical work of IPM.

Work you have completed will be credited. Equivalencies can be found here: (enter link here for document).

Once basic certification has been completed, it is renewed annually. The first year is the online Accompaniment Track, plus 6 hours of enrichment courses chosen from a variety of options (Electives at CI, DMC, RE Congress, YM Convocation, Schools Convocation and others on a case by case basis).

Please contact the Office of Evangelization and Faith Formation for more information on becoming a Master Catechist.

Your Master Catechist certification remains in force until expiration. Please contact the Emmaus Institute office at [email protected] for a discussion of your steps for recertification as a Master Catechist.

Lumen Retreat

The Diocese of Orange will offer Lumen as our own kerygma retreat. That is still in development. Most diocesan Catholic school teachers took a Lumen/Kerygma retreat we gave last year in November 2019 – that satisfies this requirement for them. There are equivalent retreats/processes that will also satisfy the requirement – ALPHA, CHRP, Cursillo, Discovering Christ (English/Spanish) – other local retreats that are kerygmatic. These will be looked at on a case by case basis.


Presently, the mentoring piece for courses through Catechetical Institute is not ready. Mentor training in Spanish and English will be held soon to prepare mentors for course accompaniment

  • If you wish to be a mentor please email [email protected] with your name, email address and your preferred language
  • Mentor candidates will have begun or completed Basic Certification.