Where we’ve been and Where we’re going

February 23, 2024 at 4:24 pm
Office of Evangelization & Faith Formation

The Office of Evangelization and Faith Formation serves the Diocese of Orange by fostering a culture of missionary discipleship and evangelization. In recent months we have been working to develop and expand initiatives designed to support this mission. 

The Diocesan catechetical institute will be expanded to provide faith formation opportunities across the diocese. In addition to the current certification programs for catechists the Institute will expand to offer a quarterly retreat opportunity, individual topical workshops, a monthly speakers series, a SCHOOL OF THE BIBLE, and an EVANGELIZATION SCHOOL.  With this expansion, the Emmaus Catechetical Institute has become the Lumen Christi Institute, with a new name, a new approach and a substantial communication effort to bring awareness of this initiative across the diocese. This February 2024, we have launched THE LUMEN CHRISTI INSTITUTE.

One offering of the Lumen Christi Institute that is particularly directed to the Pastoral Center is the quarterly, one day retreat that will be provided for every Pastoral Center employee. (March, June, August, November).