I AM HERE: On Pilgrimage with our Eucharistic Lord

February 23, 2024 at 4:28 pm
Office of Youth and Young Adult Ministry

Since the US Bishops announced the three-year Eucharistic Revival, Catholic Leaders have been asking a very big question, “How do we proclaim the truth of the Eucharist?” Parishes and Dioceses around the country have been seeking to boldly proclaim this truth in a variety of ways: Increasing Eucharistic Adoration times, hosting talks, centering this message in homilies and inviting Catholics who have fallen back to the table of the Lord.

For our Youth and Young Adult Ministry office, we tried a bold initiative: Youth Pilgrimages from parish to parish, in procession with the Eucharist. A total of four different pilgrimages were hosted in the last year. All varied in size and scope, but all carried the same power: Jesus’ true presence out in the world.

There were some funny moments, such as accidentally setting off a fire alarm at Holy Family Cathedral, due to use of incense in a classroom. There were some difficult moments, like when Deacon Jeff Kosidowski of San Francisco Solano parish sprained his ankle while processing up a large hill toward St. Angela Merici Parish. But above all, there were powerful moments each step of the way. Cars slowing to see the procession. Onlookers asking questions about our faith and asking for prayer. Parishioners driving by the procession in support. And our young people, who were the key participants in these pilgrimages, having moments of encounter while taking their faith, and indeed, our God to the streets.

We hope and pray that souls felt touched by the love of God as Jesus passed by them. We also aspire to continue to spearhead these brave initiatives. It is only in being bold and fearless for Jesus will the world truly know his love.