Office of Canonical Services

mission statement

To administer justice to the people of God in the local Church.



The Office of Canonical Services seeks to administer justice primarily by means of deciding cases of marriage nullity and by offering insight and advice concerning other issues which depend upon canon law.


  • Formal annulment petitions, lack of form petitions, permission for mixed marriages (where one party is not Catholic) are to be initiated at one’s local parish.
  • The local parish ministers determine, as best they can, the character of the request and the manner in which the application should be pursued. The Office of Canonical Services is eager to assist in resolving any doubts or questions. which ideally should be presented by the parish minister who assisting the person or couple.
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  • For information on support groups for divorced and separated people or for marriage preparation information, kindly contact your local parish.
  • The Office of Pastoral Care also provides abundant resources, including Natural Family Planning information.


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Sacramental Records/Baptismal Search

  • Please click here for more information regarding how to obtain a copy of a sacramental record.


Diocese of Orange
Office of Canonical Services
13280 Chapman Avenue
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Phone: 714-282-3080
Fax: 714-282-3087

Judicial Vicar

Very Rev. E. Scott Borgman, JCD

Adjutant Judicial Vicars
Rev. Msgr. Douglas J. Cook, JCL
Rev. John Caronan, O.Praem, JCL
Rev. Paul Vu, JCD

Defenders of the Bond

Rev. John Caronan, O.Praem, JCL
Rev. Michael Nguyen, JCL

Rev. Msgr. Stephen Doktorczyk, JCD
Rev. Msgr. Douglas J. Cook, JCL
Rev. Msgr. Tuan Joseph Pham, JCL
Rev. Viet Peter Ho, JCD
Rev. Paul Vu, JCL
Mr. Fernando Engel, JCL

Susan Stankis

Deacon Thomas McGuine
Deacon Carl Swanson
Deacon Minh Tong
Deacon Hao Nguyen
Susan Stankis
Kimtrang T. Bui
Paula Lynn
Lourdes Leon

Tribunal Staff
Kimtrang T. Bui
Paula Lynn
Stephen Shon
Lourdes Leon

Office Hours
Monday-Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.