Eucharistic Congress 2023 – RCBO

I AM Tee[33] (1)

“I AM” – the revelation of God’s name to Moses. A name covered in mystery, yet within it, an unfathomable declaration: Existence is here. Without origin and without end, an ever present God speaking with a friend – a nearness that would culminate in God becoming man. Christ, the light and life of the human race, walked among us – a demonstration of His desire to become one with us. Now, Eternity bound to humanity, Existence bound to bread, Jesus waits upon the altar echoing: I AM HERE.

This coming October 20 and 21, in response to the Bishops’ call for a National Eucharistic Revival, we will set out to host our own Eucharistic Congress. This event will invite people from all walks of life to gather in anticipation of the nearness of God. Through powerful speakers, transformative prayer, and Sacramental celebrations, we will experience the life that flows from His existence, meeting Him in the reality of His Presence.

More information, like speaker lineup and other details will be released soon. Be sure to sign up for our interest form below to stay connected on all-things Eucharistic Congress.