Diocese of Orange Statement Regarding Roe V. Wade

May 03, 2022 at 4:07 pm

    The following statement is from the Diocese of Orange regarding news reports about the draft opinion by Justice Samuel A. Alito Jr. on overturing Roe v. Wade.

    Garden Grove, Calif. (May 3, 2022) — We in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Orange think it is important to allow the U.S. Supreme Court to speak for itself, and we therefore await the official decision of the court for specific comment.

    However, considering the potential overturn of Roe v. Wade, we reiterate our Jan. 20 California Catholic Conference statement, titled “California Bishops Commit to Working for Better Futures for California’s Women, Children, and Families.”

    At this pivotal moment, we commit to a vision for California that honors women, giving them life-affirming support and practical resources so that all families can thrive, and so that no woman feels trapped into the devastating decision to end a life by abortion.

    Not long ago we noted, in a response to abortion expansion efforts in California, that many Catholics in our state are already living out this life-affirming vision through their tireless efforts at pregnancy shelters, clinics, parish ministries, food pantries, financial support, parenting classes, domestic violence awareness and migrant support. All this happens through community participation and Eucharistic solidarity.

    Still, we must do more. Today, we reiterate the call to all Catholics, and ask people of faith and goodwill to pray, learn and advocate for practices and policies that lead to better futures for California’s women, children and families.

    -Bishop Kevin Vann, JCD, D.D.
    -Bishop Thanh Thai Nguyen, D.D.
    -Bishop Timothy Freyer, D.D.

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