Life, Justice and Peace

Life, Justice and Peace promotes the incar- nation of Catholic social teaching in the Diocese of Orange—we are ‘lobbyists’ for the poor and vulnerable. The ministry leads our community to affirm a consistent ethic of life and promotes the common good through public policy, prayer, education and pastoral care. Formed by the Gospel. Organized for Action. Rooted in Prayer.

Who We Serve:

  • Members of the Diocese community
  • All in the broader community in Orange County

What We Provide:

  • Training in Parish Organizing
  • Opportunities for Engagement in Social Ministry
  • Prayer Services for Life, Justice, and Peace
  • Participation in Legislative Advocacy, e.g. Catholic Advocacy Day- Sacramento
  • Faithful Citizenship Workshops
  • Resources on ethics and public policy issues
  • Financial support for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development
  • Fundraising and Support for local Pregnancy centers, clinics, and shelters
  • Ecumenical events
  • Speakers’ Bureau on Catholic Social Teaching
  • Up to date connection on issues through social media
  • Hope and healing after abortion



Greg Walgenbach, Director

Cenia Martinez, Outreach Coordinator

Deacon Jim Merle, CCHD Coordinator