Accounting & Finance Department

The Accounting and Finance Department’s mission includes safeguarding and growing the Diocese’s assets, establishing and maintaining a functioning set of policies and procedures, while ensuring compliance to audit and generally accepted accounting principles and ethical standards.


The Accounting and Finance Department safeguards and administers the Diocese’s financial resources. The Department provides financial services and support to our parishes and schools.


The Accounting and Finance Department serves the departments and staff at the Pastoral Center, the Orange Catholic Foundation, the Christ Catholic Cathedral Corporation, and the Christ Catholic Facilities Corporation, as well as the staff of the parishes and schools throughout our Diocese.


We provide support in the areas of accounting, finance and budgeting for both our internal departments and the above-mentioned entities.


Pastoral Services Appeal(PSA)


Finance Council




Elizabeth Jensen, Chief Financial Officer

(714) 282-4209


Sean Connolly, Controller

(714) 282-3011


Kelly Lind, Director of Decision Support 

(714) 282-3016


Lisa Sison, Director of Decision Support, Schools

(714) 282-3018


Ernie Garcia, Director of Business Affairs for Regional Schools

(657) 263-7168


Ian Rangel, Pastoral Services Appeal (PSA) Manager

(714) 282-3043


Sal Rodriguez, Director of Audit and Advisory Services

(714) 282-6017


Janette Ramirez, Assistant Controller

(714) 282-3121


Donatella Barragan, Senior Accountant

(714) 282-3133


Daniel Catania, Senior Accountant

(714) 282-4220


Gabriela De La Torre, Senior Accountant

(714) 282-3044


Gary Wondercheck, Payroll Manager

(714) 282-3100


Alicia Grant, Executive Assistant

(714) 282-6037