Cursillo is a movement within the Catholic Church. The purpose of the movement is the Christian leavening of environments achieved through natural leaders, preferably in groups. This is done by providing them with the means to live and share what is fundamental to being a Christian, so that, through the impact of their personality, they may inject the spirit and sense of Gospel into those factors that actively shape environments. 


Executive Spiritual Advisor: 

  • Deacon Doug Cook 

San Antonio de Padua del Canon Church

5800 East Santa Ana Canyon Road Anaheim Hills, CA 92807 



Jorge Morfin714-458-8139 


Phanxico Xavie Hoang Lien714-251-0483 


Efrain Gutierrez714-865-6407 


Romy Uy818-999-2712 Lennie Davis714-398-6278