Cremation and the Catholic Church

The Catholic Church no longer forbids Catholics from choosing cremation. Today it is acceptable to choose cremation so long as the disposition is treated in the same dignity and respect as a full body burial with placement in a cemetery and provided cremation is not chosen for reasons contrary to Christian doctrine. Scattering cremated remains over land or sea, or placement in one’s home or anywhere other than a cemetery, is not in keeping with Church teachings.

Non-Catholic members of a Catholic family may be buried in a Catholic cemetery, as the Church does not want to separate in death those who were together in life.

Decorations at the cemetery are limited to fresh-cut flowers only unless otherwise indicated. Special holiday and maintenance schedules will be posted at the cemetery office and on the website.

Memorialization or headstones are available at the cemetery office and are limited in size, shape and inscription or images. These regulations vary by location. Please inquire at the cemetery office for details.