Meditation Station


Meditation Stations and Mysteries of the Rosary at the House of Prayer for Priests in the Diocese of Orange will benefit the priests who visit us from the Diocese of Orange and many other Dioceses across the nation.

Each Meditation Station (numbers 1-5), and each Mystery of the Rosary (letters a-e) have a piece of art that invites the pilgrim to reflect upon some biblical quotes, helped by some pertinent songs. In so doing, a journey to the heart will begin and a deep encounter with God could happen in the soul of the visiting priest.

A half a mile trail connects all these spaces of prayer and meditation.

Meditation Stations

  1. Jesus met each one of His disciples at their working place. He called them to follow him and become His disciples. The story repeats for each priests. Where did this encounter happened? Who was around?  What did he have to leave behind? Etc.
  2. After the first missionary journey, the disciples come back to Jesus. They were enthusiastic, happy and tired. Jesus invites them to go with Him to a deserted place to share what they experienced. Jesus makes the same invitation to each priest “come and rest with me”.
  3. When Jesus said to the multitude that if one does not feed at His body or drink of His blood would not have eternal life, many of them left. It was too hard to believe such message! Jesus then asks His disciples if they also wanted to leave. These can an experience priests also experience in difficult or critical times. At this moment, Jesus also asks the priest, what do you want to do?
  4. After the resurrection, Jesus finds Peter and asks him “Peter, do you love me?” After the third time, Peter remembers his whole life, the time in which he denied his Master. With fuller consciousness, Peter answers, “Lord, you know everything; you know that I love you!” Then, Jesus says “then, follow me”. The same thing happens to every priest.
  5. Before the Ascension, Jesus calls his disciples and tells them, “Go to the world and preach the Good News. I will be with you until the end of times”. Great news for every priest; he will never be alone!