Resources for Parents

Evangelize OC  –

Catholic Family Faith – The Strong Catholic Family Faith website has been created to assist parish and school leaders in finding the best and most relevant content and experiences for developing faith-filled Catholic families.

Loyola Press E-Newsletters (Finding God) – Finding God presents the authentic teachings of the Catholic Church through active-learning techniques that allow children to participate, learn, and grow in faith and discipleship.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops- tools for building a domestic church –  You will find some suggestions on how to build your “domestic church” through a life of prayer that can help all the members of your family.

Strong Catholic Families – Strong Catholic Families began as a process hosted by dioceses, parishes, and/or schools for changing the way faith communities partner with parents so that the Catholic faith can be more effectively passed on to the next generation of disciples.

Catholic Mom Holy Cross Family Ministries – Feel like you’re all alone as a Catholic mom striving to raise little saints? is a community of women celebrating all things family, family, and fun.

The website has everything from podcast episodes to blog articles. While doesn’t formally host or organize groups for Catholic moms, they do provide moms with resources for local groups of mothers who meet to share their faith. Visit their website for a reminder that you’re not alone in your desire to raise a holy family.

Apostolate for Family Consecration – A lay Apostolate that provides family prayer resources.