Abuse Report

Report sexual misconduct to local law enforcement as well as through the Diocese of Orange’s toll-free reporting line: (800) 364-3064.

This line is for reporting suspected sexual misconduct or abuse of a minor child or a dependent adult child within the institutions and ministries of the Diocese of Orange as well as to contact the Diocesan Victims Assistance Coordinator.

If you wish to make a report of suspected child abuse, but it does not involve suspected misconduct by one of our diocesan or parish priests, deacons, ministers, employees or volunteers, please make your report to the following protection agencies:


  • Suspected child abuse in the home: Child Protective Services (714) 940-1000
  • Orange County Child Abuse 24 hour hotline: (800) 207-4464
  • Elder and Dependent Adult Abuse Reporting: (800) 451-5155

All other child abuse, call your local law enforcement office of the city the suspected abuse took place.