Diocesan Councils and Committees

The term of office for each member shall be five (5) years (canon 492 §2), with approximately one-fifth of the members’ terms expiring each year. The term of office of any such member is to expire at the conclusion of its five-year duration. Members can be appointed for other five year terms, at the invitation of the Bishop. The term of office for each member of a committee of the Finance Council shall be three (3) years. The term of office for the chair and vice chair shall be two (2) years.

Ex-Officio Members

  • Most Rev. Kevin Vann
  • Most Rev. Timothy Freyer 
  • Most Rev. Thanh Thai Nguyen
  • Rev. Msgr. Stephen Doktorczyk
  • Very Rev. Daniel B. Reader
  • Rev. Angelos Sebastian

Finance Council Members

  • Mr. Tom Croal, Chair
  • Mr. Tom Greeley, Vice Chair
  • Mr. Gabriel Ferrucci
  • Mr. Tim Psomas
  • Mr. Kevin Tiber
  • Msgr. Lawrence J. Baird
  • Rev. Steve Sallot 
  • Sr. Mary Bernadette McNulty

Investment Committee Members

  • Mr. Kevin Tiber, Chair
  • Mr. Gabriel Ferrucci
  • Mr. Brian Finck
  • Mr. Eduardo (Ed) Jordan
  • Mr. Patrick D. Powers
  • Mr. Y. Peter Chung

Risk Management Committee Members

  • Mr Jim Reed, Chair
  • Mr. Lucky Lippa
  • Mr. Steve Ritter 
  • Deacon Gerard Wallace 

Real Estate & Asset Management Sub-Committee Members

  • Mr. Tim Psomas, Chair
  • Mr. Rand Sperry, Vice Chair
  • Mr. Arthur Birtcher
  • Mr. Duc Bui
  • Ms. Sharon Hennessey
  • Mr. John Markel
  • Mr. Bill O’Connell
  • Mr. Lou Oddo
  • Mr. Ed Reynolds
  • Mr. Tim Strader
  • Rev. Msgr. Stephen Doktorczyk
  • Rev. Christopher Smith
  • Rev. Steve Sallot