Inauguration of the Judicial Year

Papal address to the Roman Rota

Once a year (usually in January) the pope delivers a formal address to the Roman Rota in which he outlines various themes important for canonical jurisprudence, particularly, matrimonial jurisprudence. Papal address to the Roman Rota are delivered in Italian. English versions of these addresses are available in W. Woestman, ed., Papal Allocutions to the Roman Rota 1939-1994 (St. Paul University, 1994); later editions through 2011 are also available. Review: J. Diermeier, The Jurist 72 (2012). A French collection of these addresses is available in J. Thorn, Le Pape s’adresse à la Rote, 1939-1994 (Université Saint-Paul, 1994). Beginning with John Paul II, authorized French and English translations were prepared by the Vatican. Over time Portuguese, Spanish, and German translations were added.

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