World Mission Sunday


One Eucharist Celebration for the Entire World! World Mission Sunday, October 21, 2018.

“In carrying out our mission…may the Virgin Mother help us to say our own ‘yes’, conscious of the urgent need to make the Good News of Jesus resound in our time…. May she intercede for us so that we can acquire the holy audacity needed to discover new ways to bring the gift of salvation to every man and woman.”

At Baptism, we are welcomed into the life of the Church and share in its mission to be a sign of unity and salvation for all humanity. This missionary vocation becomes impossible without our mutuality and love between peoples.

Pope Francis’ uniting these two paradoxical terms reveals a profound contemporary calling. Indeed, the vocation of today’s missionary disciple requires a holy audacity.

We are audacious enough to believe we help change the world through encounters of faith, hope and love. We are audacious enough to connect with our calling as missionaries – each and every one of us.”

Reverend Andrew Small, OMI
National Director, Propagation of the Faith
(Excerpt from MISSION, a Magazine for the Propagation of the Faith)

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