Word of God Sunday

Sunday of the Word of God: to be held on every Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.

Pope Francis issued the apostolic letter entitled, “Instituting the “Sunday of the Word of God: for all dioceses and churches throughout the world” on September 30 of 2019.

The first celebration of the Sunday of the Word of God was celebrated on January 26, of 2020.  The Pope’s intention is that through this celebration, Catholics will study, learn and love the Holy Scriptures.


Two initiatives are proposed:

1. Enthrone the Bible in your home: Below is access for a prayer service for enthroning the Word of God in the home.  A booklet is provided to guide you in English and Spanish.

2. Blessing of Bibles at Sunday Mass:  This blessing prayer can be used at Sunday Mass.  Parishioners should be encouraged to bring a personal Bible to church.  This should be announced two weeks in advance of the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time.


The following announcement that can be used for pulpit, bulletin, newsletters and social media:

Our Holy Father, Pope Francis, has instituted the Sunday of the Word of God, to be celebrated annually on the Third Sunday in Ordinary Time. For the Sunday Masses of January_____, we ask you to bring your personal Bible to Mass with you. We want to emphasize the importance of the Bible in Catholic life and encourage one another to read and study the Word of God as a regular part of our lives as disciples of Jesus. During the Mass we will have a commitment and blessing prayer as you hold your Bibles to your hearts.

Additional liturgical resources forwarded from the Office of Worship: Click here

Pictures from parishes that celebrated Word of God Sunday: