Student Portal

Click here to access the Diocese of Orange online student portal. On this site you will find:

  • Student Access
  • Forms
  • Online Registration for Classes
  • View current/past Classes
  • Completed Certificates
  • Recertification Hours
  • Upload Recertification Hours

* If you have take a class in the past- you have a student number. If you do not know this number please email and it will be sent to you. If you are a new student and need a student number please call 714-282-3078.

Check the latest class schedule, register for classes, check courses completed or in progress, download forms, check certification status, download certification certificates, submit recertification hours, and check recertification status.

To log‐in, click on the ‘forgot password’ link on the upper left hand corner and enter your e‐mail address.

(This email address must be in our database. If you currently receive email announcements from the IPM, it is that email address. If you’re unsure, contact our office.)

The system will send you a temporary password and Student ID # via e‐mail within 10 minutes. Make sure to check your spam / junk email folder Utilize the temporary password and your Student ID# to login Please make sure to change the password immediately once you log in. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the IPM Office at

If you don’t know your student ID go ahead and contact our office by emailing us at If you have a student profile we will give you your student ID this is only if you already have a basic certification certificate.

Recertification Hours are only valid for those who have a basic certification certificate on file. If you never received a basic certification than there is no need for recertification hours since they don’t apply to anyone who’s never received basic certification.

Resetting your password:
Click on the forgot password link if you forgot your password or is your first time using the student portal. Then system will automate a new password and it will send it to your email the student portal has on file.

The system recognizes the email you have on file in the student portal. If you used a work email or don’t know what email it is please contact the office to update your email.