Spotlight Memo

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TO: Parish and School Safe Environment Coordinators and Record Custodians
FROM: Ryan Lilyengren, APR, MA
DATE: November 5, 2015
SUBJECT: Pending release of the movie “Spotlight”
In early 2002, the Boston Globe began publication of a series of stories about clergy sexu-al abuse of children in the Archdiocese of Boston. The investigation by the paper was exhaustive and resulted in a 2003 Pulitzer Prize for the paper and its “Spotlight” investi-gative team of reporters. The story of the investigation forms the basis of the soon-to-be-released film titled “Spotlight,” to be shown in limited release in U.S. theaters beginning Nov. 6 and set for general release beginning Nov. 20. The drama from Open Roads Films is directed and co-written by Tom McCarthy and features several notable actors and ac-tresses: Michael Keaton, Rachel McAdams, Liev Schreiber, Mark Ruffalo, Stanley Tucci and John Slattery. It debuted at the Venice Film Festival in September and has since re-ceived many positive advance reviews. For many Catholics and others, the film will serve as a reminder of the continuing absolute need within the Church for uncompro-mising vigilance, accountability and, most of all, care of and solidarity with the victims of abuse and their families. The subject is sobering and the memories of those days of crisis within the Church remain disturbing and strong. More than a decade has passed since the sexual abuse crisis was revealed. During that time, the Church at the local, national and international level has made unprecedented strides in its efforts to eradicate the problem and to care for and make restitution to the victims of abuse.
Attached are informational resources to help you address any questions or concerns that may arise among parishioners and/or community members.