RCIA Planning Calendar

Click here to download the complete RCIA Planning Calendar.


When planning for the celebrations of the Rite of Acceptance and Welcome look at the Readings and pick three Sundays during the year (such as dates in the Fall, Winter and Summer) when the readings speak about discipleship, choosing Christ or journey of faith.

One month before Rite of Welcome, order bibles for the future catechumens.

  • Make sure each candidate for the Rite has a sponsor.
  • Hold a sponsor meeting to help the sponsors understand their role in the process and your expectations of them.
  • Order bibles for presentation at Rite of Welcome, (option in Rite of Welcome)
  • Plan a rehearsal for the Rite of Acceptance and Welcome for the sponsors.
  • Start preparing the assembly for the upcoming Rite, bulletin articles, pulpit announcements, etc.


  • Discernment whether Catechumens are to go forward for Rite of Election (Rites of Election are usually held the first Saturday after Ash Wednesday)


  • Letter to Bishop for delegation of faculties to Pastor to Confirm baptized uncatechized Catholics (those seeking First Holy Communion and Confirmation who are not catechized) at Easter Vigil
  • Prepare the Catechumens, Candidates and Sponsors for the Rite of Sending to be held at the parish. This Rite is usually celebrated the Sunday before the Rite of Election.
  • Prepare the assembly for the upcoming Rites: Rite of Sending, Scrutinies, Penitential Rite, Preparation Rites.
  • Order Baptismal candles. If you use robes at the vigil, check your inventory.
  • Prepare for the Scrutinies with the Elect, sponsors as well as the presider.
  • Coordinate with Liturgy Director and Pastor for Easter Vigil (liturgical planning normally happens earlier in the year around November or December)


  • Begin inviting the different Parish groups (bible studies, prayer groups, etc.) to visit the neophytes during the Easter Season meetings and share what ongoing faith formation opportunities exist in the parish.
  • Plan a retreat for the Elect, Candidates and Sponsors for Holy Saturday.
  • Hospitality Coordinator makes final preparations for the reception following the Easter Vigil.
  • Rehearsal with Sponsors for the Easter Vigil.


  • With the RCIA team, evaluate the Easter Vigil Celebration.


  • Sometime before January plan at least one Anointing Rite for the Catechumens.


  • Consider doing a one day/ Saturday retreat on Advent