Pontifical Mission Societies


The Society for the Propagation of the Faith

The Society for the Propagation of the Faith, founded in 1822, invites all baptized Catholics to participate in the worldwide mission of the Church by offering their prayers, personal sacrifices, or by giving financial help. Through an annual collection on World Mission Sunday, celebrated on the third Sunday of October, Catholics throughout the world recommit themselves to the Church’s missionary activity. This special collection provides regular annual assistance to about 1,100 mission dioceses in Africa, Asia, and remote parts of South America to help support pastoral and evangelizing programs, catechists and catechetical work, the building of churches and chapels, the work of Religious Communities in health care and education, and communication and transportation needs. This fund is distributed in its entirety each year to ensure that the poor of the Missions receive help and the hope that comes from knowing the love of Jesus Christ.

Along with World Mission Sunday, our annual Summer Missionary Cooperation Plan gives Catholics in our diocese the opportunity to hear from missionaries first hand and make a considerable impact in the work that they do.


Missionary Childhood Association

The Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) is an international organization dedicated to fostering children’s awareness and participation in the missionary calling of our Church. Membership includes students in Catholic schools, religious education programs, and parishes.

Sponsored in a special way by the Pope, and in collaboration with the U.S. Bishops, MCA distributes educational and fund-raising programs to schools and religious education programs throughout the United States. With the motto of “Children Helping Children,” MCA encourages children to learn about and support underprivileged children in developing countries around the world.

The Missionary Childhood Association (MCA) program in the Mission Office exists to be of service to schools and religious education programs in the Diocese of Orange.

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Society Of St. Peter The Apostle

The goal of the Society of St. Peter then and now has been to invite individuals to support the education of candidates for the Catholic priesthood in the Developing World and to support the formation of men and women candidates for the Religious life in the Missions. In its first year, the Society of St. Peter Apostle sent help for some 2,700 seminarians in the Missions. Today, some 30,000 major seminarians, mostly in Africa and Asia, receive an annual subsidy of $700 per student.


Missionary Union of Priests and Religious

The spiritual apostolate of the Missionary Union was started in 1916 to inspire those called to bring Catholics to a better understanding of their baptismal responsibility for the church’s missionary work — to priests, religious, seminarians, pastoral leaders and those engaged in catechesis and religious education. The success of the three other missionary societies is linked to the vitality of animators inspiring other animators to “go to all nations and proclaim the ‘Good News.’”