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      How to Obtain a Basic Certification Certificate through our partnership with Catechetical Institute (CI) 


EMMAUS has partnered with the Catechetical Institute of Franciscan University (CI) to provide an online learning pathway.  (Basic Certification will also involve a Lumen Retreat or equivalent + submission of a Basic Certification application form).

The formation step of Basic Catechist Certification (Spanish and English) utilizing the CI platform requires completion of 14 workshops.  Two tracks are available: the Basic Catechist Certification Track and the Catechist Certificate for Catholic Schools Teachers Track.

Catechist Track: All Catechists and Youth Ministry/Confirmation team members.

Catholic Schools Track: Catholic School faculty and staff (ONLY).

Step 1: Register at the EMMAUS Institute Portal and obtain an Emmaus student ID (formerly IPM). ( If you have previously had an IPM student ID, that same ID will remain your ID in the EMMAUS system.)  Please use the same email throughout the registration process, first at the EMMAUS portal, followed by creation of your ID on the Franciscan CI platform. WATCH VIDEO

Step 2: Payment of the annual $75 enrollment fee will provide the learner with full access to all EMMAUS Institute offerings. (Including live classes when available, DMC, other workshops as they become available).  WATCH VIDEO

Step 3: Go to Catechetical Institute website:, create a profile and register for Institutional Tracks which are the Basic Catechist Certification Track or Catechist Certificate Catholic School Teachers Track.  (In addition to the certification tracks, 300+ workshops are currently available for your enrichment or re-certification. Once enrolled, the learner may take other classes as desired.)  WATCH VIDEO

Please Note: Access to online courses through Catechetical Institute – Franciscan (CI) requires setting up  two student accounts, 1st  Emmaus & 2nd  CI.  Your emails must match between Emmaus Portal and Catechetical Institute (CI) in order to avoid any discrepancies and delay in EMMAUS receiving records of track completion.

Any CI workshops taken for re-certification must be submitted through re-certification portal for review and approval.  Failure in matching Emmaus Institute and CI-Franciscan email will result in a delay of course completion status reported to EMMAUS or a loss of credit, delaying Certification.

ANNUAL COST: $75  subscription for full access to all online/live courses.  Pay your subscription today login into your Emmaus Student Portal, click here.

Credit: Upon completion of CI Basic Catechist Certification Track or Catechist Certificate for Catholic School Teachers Track, track completion will be posted to the learner’s  file on the EMMAUS INSTITUTE Student Portal ( The Basic Certification application must also be submitted.   Basic Certificates will be issued at the end of April, August and December.


Download CI-Online Basic Catechist Certification Track 

Download CI Online Catechist Certificate for Catholic School Teachers Track  

Download a Basic Cert Application