Missio: Connecting People to Change the World

In a world of need, there are many who live and work on the frontline, making the difference for the poor and forgotten through direct, daily service.

This wonderful team of religious sisters and brothers, priests, and dedicated lay leaders provide help and hope in the world’s poorest places. They provide essential education and health care, social outreach and advocacy, and pastoral service. In every moment, they offer spiritual comfort and support to the suffering and marginalized.

Missio puts these world changers in the palm of your hand, through your mobile phone, directly connecting you with them and giving you the opportunity to accompany them through your help and your actions.

Pope Francis launched the first version of Missio in 2013, offering news about the hope-filled work being done around the world. Missio.org, also from the Pontifical Mission Societies, will offer you a more direct connection.

Missio also provides a way to support efforts to safeguard children and vulnerable families through the Missio Foundation. In countries around the world, the Catholic Church is putting into place policies and education programs to make sure the most vulnerable are protected. Missio helps project leaders learn about these policies and programs and put them into practice.


Where am I in Missio?

This September, on his visit to the United States, Pope Francis plans to help the Pontifical Mission Societies launch this renewed version of Missio. Be a part of this moment:

  • Visit Missio.org.
  • Join the community of world changers —the priests, sisters and brothers, and lay leaders—doing world-changing work, and be part of the community accompanying them with support and action.
  • Explore the world of possibilities and find the fit for you, in education, health care and community. Each moment is linked to showing love and mercy for those in greatest need.
  • Invite others to Missio to grow the community—and help those in need.
  • Keep in touch with Missio to see “what’s new” with a world of need and a community of friends rising up to help!

Click here to learn more about Missio on Missio.org!