Masses for the Catholic Deaf and Hard of Hearing Community that use American Sign Language

Diocese of Orange Catholic Deaf Community



  • Sunday Masses from Christ Cathedral are now interpreted in ASL via livestream at in English at 9:45 a.m., and the livestream daily Mass in English interpreted in ASL at 6:30 a.m.


  1. Fr. Matthew Hysell OP –  Ministerial Priest for the Archdiocese of Edmonton and Doctoral Candidate for Sacred Theology at Dominican University College in Ottawa, Canada – ASL Vigil Mass 7:30pm EST on Facebook Live:
  2. Fr. Seán Loomis – Chaplain and Coordinator for the Philadelphia Deaf Apostolate, Archdiocese of Philadelphia – Sunday ASL Mass will be posted after 6pm at:


  1. Fr. Shawn Carey – Director of the Boston Deaf Apostolate, Archdiocese of Boston, Massachusetts– Sunday ASL Mass 9:15am EST on YouTube Live:  After live-streaming, the video will be available at which can be viewed at your convenience.
  2. Monsignor Glenn Nelson J.C.L. – Director of Rockford Deaf Apostolate and Vicar General, Diocese of Rockford, Illinois – Sunday ASL Mass 10:00am CST on FaceBook Live:
  3. Fr. Mike Depcik – Director of Detroit Catholic Deaf Community, St John’s Deaf Center, Archdiocese of Detroit, Michigan – Sunday ASL Mass 11:30am EST on FaceBook Live: 
  4. Fr. Tom Schweitzer and Deacon Tomas Garcia – Holy Angels Catholic Church of the Deaf, Archdiocese of Los Angeles, California 8:30am PST (ASL and spoken English) & 11:30am PST (ASL and Spanish/Español)



  1. NCOD –saint stories – Thanks to NCOD and CanCan Productions and the Deaf Apostolate, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. This free resource is made available for all online. There are 20 videos of Jesus and saints stories performed by Deaf actors. All of these stories are performed in American Sign Language (ASL) with captions and voiced in English. These videos are a great learning tool for all ages Deaf and hearing.
  2. The Archdiocese of Washington DC has a YouTube channel for families to practice the prayers in ASL look for How to Sign Catholic Prayers