Información General

Emmaus Institute Website:         Emmaus Student Portal:

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Annual Subscription: $75 enrollment fee will provide the learner with full access to all EMMAUS Institute offerings. (Including live classes when available, DMC, other workshops as they become available and unlimited access to online workshops & tracks at Catechetical Institute).

Schedule and Registration: The Basic Certification Schedule and registration can be found on the EMMAUS INSTITUTE website or on the EMMAUS INSTITUTE Student Portal.

Financial Assistance: Financial assistance may be requested at your parish. There is no financial assistance at EMMAUS INSTITUTE.

Attendance: For live in-person – In order to receive credit for the course, attendance at all class sessions and completion of all course reading(s) and assignment(s) is required. One absence (2.5 hours or less) may be excused with a justified reason (emergency or illness) by completing a make-up assignment and absence justification form. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the instructor for Make-up assignment and must be submitted within one week from the last class session.  CI-Online – does not apply, student goes at their own pace for tracks or workshops on CI.

Credit: For live in-person credit will be posted within a month after the completion of the course. It is the student’s responsibility to check the EMMAUS student portal and contact the EMMAUS office for any discrepancies within two months after the completion of the course.  CI-Online – For Catechists Track or Catholic Schools Track via online Catechetical Institute – Franciscan University credit will post to your EMMAUS student portal once all these criteria’s have been met: full payment of the $75 annual subscription,  emails match between Emmaus Institute student portal and Catechetical Institute learner portal.

Class Cancellations: Although our goal is not to cancel any classes or change dates, there are rare occasions in which it is necessary. We advise all students to check their EMMAUS Student Portal for any date changes or canceled courses before the first class session.

No Refund Policy: Refunds will not be issued for no-shows or unable to attend your workshops in a year. The $75 annual subscription fee is same for attendance of one or 15+ workshops a year. We recommend to take as many workshops/courses in a year to get most of your annual $75 subscription.

Lumen Retreat: The Lumen Retreat is a one day retreat to be given by a Diocesan team. Other retreats may be considered equivalent experiences for the purpose of catechist certification. These include CHRP/Welcome, Cursillo, ALPHA, Discovering Christ.

Wait List Policy : process to be announce once live classes resume.  No wait list necessary for Catechetical Institute – Franciscan

Re-certification Process:is the process of renewing basic certification annually. The re-certification process may begin on the first date that a valid certificate was granted. Basic Certificates will be issued at the end of April, August and December. All three steps and 6 additional hours and observation in religion must be submitted on the EMMAUS Student Portal for review by the 1st of the month when certificates are issued.