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The role of the catechist that of a witness to the truth, goodness and beauty of following Jesus in the midst of His Church. Just like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, the catechist has met Jesus along the way, has recognized Him in the breaking of the bread and the opening of the Scriptures, and now shares with others the good news of the resurrected One. (Luke 24:13-35).

In order to share that good news, the catechist is formed in a systematic way through the path to Basic Certification, a process through which a person gains the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively communicate the basic Christian message. The catechist begins the path to certification by taking a retreat.  More info on upcoming retreats and equivalent retreats click here (link coming soon).  The next step on the path is the learning/formation experience provided in online or live classes. (Currently due to the pandemic, only online courses will be offered).

Information on the live in-person formation path may be found belowFor online courses through our partnership with Catechetical Institute please visit Emmaus/CI information page clicking here.  The formation path will provide a basic foundation in Roman Catholic doctrine and spirituality along with methodologies in aspects of evangelization and formation/teaching.

Basic Certification is a process through which a person gains the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively communicate the basic Christian message. This certificate provides students with a basic foundation in Roman Catholic teaching. Completion of the four requirements and submission of an application within three (3) years from the first course taken will result in a Basic Certification valid for four (4) years. Basic Certificates will be issued at the end of April, August and December.

The live in-person retreat & four course requirements for Basic Certification are:

  1. Lumen Retreat
  2. R210A Theological Formation I (15 hours)
  1. R210B Theological Formation II (15 hours)
  1. R210C Pastoral Formation (15 hours)
  1. Plus one Methodology (15 hours)
    • M100 Catechetical Methods
    • DM100 Detention Ministry
    • L100 Liturgical Ministry
    • YM100 Youth Ministry

5. Basic Certification Application

      • The application must be submitted to the EMMAUS office before completing the last requirement. Download below Basic Certification Application form

Basic Certification Class Schedule click here   [currently due to pandemic only possible to take via online our partnership with Catechetical Institute (CI) – Franciscan University] – Through our partnership with the Catechetical Institute (CI) – Franciscan University basic certification courses may be completed online through CI.  Click here for more info.

Catholic School Teachers must complete basic certification online via Catechetical Institute (CI) – Franciscan by enrolling in the Catholic School (CS) Track.  See enrolling info, click here.

Need to Register for a Basic Certification class.  You may log-in anytime online through your student portal by visiting with your student ID.  You must have a student ID to enroll in any of our live or online courses.  Please locate first your Emmaus Stduent ID (formerly IPM) and if you don’t have one or are a new user follow instructions to create a new Emmaus student ID.

If you like assistance with enrollment please call us at 714-282-3078.

Download the Both In-Person & Online Basic Certification Guidelines & Application

ONLINE – Download the Catechists Online CI-Franciscan Certification Guidelines

ONLINE – Download the Catholic School Teacher Online CI-Franciscan Certification Guidelines

Download Basic Certification Application Form


No re-certification hours will be accepted nor retroactive hrs credited during interim due to the one year extension. We will move forward with the new 3 step re-certification process.  Visit our Re-Certification page for more info, click here. 

  • Basic Certification Observation Form
  • Re-Certification Application Form

For detailed information on Re-Certification click here.

*The Catechetical Institute (CI) online course equivalencies for Basic Certification can be found here.  


Due to Covid-19 live in-person courses postponed until further notice.

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  • Click here to download class justification form


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