Pray for a Seminarian

Here are the seminarians studying to become priests for the Diocese of Orange. We invite you to please pray for our men who are in formation by using the following prayer

Meet the Seminarians

Mr. David Moreno
Pastoral Year – San Francisco Solano, Rancho Santa Margarita

Mr. Vincent Nguyen
Pastoral Year – Holy Family Catholic Church - Orange

Mr. Ian Gaston
Theology 3

Mr. Simon Li
Theology 3

Mr. Benjamin Nguyen
Theology 3

Mr. Cole Buzon
Pastoral Year – St. Polycarp Church, Stanton

Mr. Oliver Coughlin
Theology 2

Mr. John Huan Nguyen
Our Lady Queen of Angels Church – Newport Beach

Mr. Francis Ang
Theology 1

Mr. Johnson Bui
Theology 1

Mr. Ivan Lopez
Theology 1

Mr. David Hoang
College 4

Mr. Ethen O’Campo
College 3

Mr. Seth London
College 2

Mr. Jose Trinidad Juarez
Discernment – St. Justin Martyr Church – Anaheim

Mr. Samuel Nguyen
Pre-Theology 1

Mr. Alan Hoetker
Pre-Theology 1

What is a

Vocation Director's Video Bit

Pray for a Seminarian

God our Father, give our seminarians the graces he needs to one day serve you faithfully as a priest. May the light of Christ shine through him to everyone he meets. Amen.

OC Vocations Prayer Calendar

Saturday - January 1
  • John Huan Nguyen, Discernment Year-OL Queen of Angels Church


Sunday - January 2
  • Alan Hoetker, St. John's Seminary


Monday - January 3
  • Zachary Fier, St. John's Seminary


Tuesday - January 4
  • Seth London, Mt. Angel Seminary


Wednesday - January 5
  • Mark Jung, Mt. Angel Seminary


Thursday - January 6
  • Vincent Nguyen, Pastoral Year - Holy Family Church, Orange


Friday - January 7
  • Johnson Bui, St. John's Seminary


Saturday - January 8
  • Cole Buzon, Pastoral Year - St. Polycarp Church


Sunday - January 9
  • David Hoang, Bishop White Seminary


Monday - January 10
  • Ian Gaston, Mt. Angel Seminary


Tuesday - January 11
  • Samuel Nguyen, St. John's Seminary


Wednesday - January 12
  • Fr. Brandon Dang, Vocation Director


Thursday - January 13
  • Simon Li, St. John's Seminary


Friday - January 14
  • Jose Trino Juarez, Discernment Year-St. Justin Martyr Church


Saturday - January 15
  • Francis Ang, St. John's Seminary


Sunday - January 16
  • Ivan Lopez, St. John's Seminary


Monday - January 17
  • Benjamin Nguyen, St. John's Seminary


Tuesday - January 18
  • Oliver Coughlin, S. John's Seminary


Wednesday - January 19
  • Ethen O'Campo, Mt. Angel Seminary


Thursday - January 20
  • David Moreno, Pastoral Year - San Francisco Solano Church


Friday - January 21
  • Bishop Kevin Vann, Bishop - Diocese of Orange


Saturday - January 22
  • Bishop Thomas Thanh Nguyen, Auxiliary Bishop - Diocese of Orange


Sunday - January 23
  • Bishop Tim Freyer, Auxiliary Bishop - Diocese of Orange


Monday - January 24
  • Increase of Vocations to Diocesan Priesthood


Tuesday - January 25
  • Increase of Vocations to Consecrated Life


Wednesday - January 26
  • Increase of Vocations to Holy Matrimony


Thursday - January 27
  • Increase of Vocations to Diaconate


Friday - January 28
  • For the Holiness of All Priest


Saturday - January 29
  • For the Holiness of All Consecrated Men & Women


Sunday - January 30
  • Vocation Directors


Monday - January 31
  • Pray for the Holiness of All Families



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<h4>Mt. Angel Seminary<h4><h6>Located in Portland, Oregon<h6>
<h4>Pontifical North American College<h4><h6>Located in Rome, Italy<h6>
<h4>Seminario Hispano de Santa Maria de Guadalupe<h4><h6>Located in Mexico City, Mexico<h6>
<h4>St. John Seminary<h4><h6>Located in Camarillo, California. Seminary for Pre-Theology and Theology seminarians<h6>