Mr. Cody Schurter

Mr. Cody Schurter


Pre-Theology 1


St. Martin De Porres, Yorba Linda


Feb 15th


St. John’s Seminary




Hiking, Rock-Climbing, Playing Sports


Country Fried Steak


Cinque Terre, Italy


I was born February 15, 1996 in Fullerton but raised in Corona, CA. I moved to St. Louis when I was 11, and then Pittsburgh when I was 15. I attended the Franciscan University of Steubenville. After graduating I worked near Chicago, IL as a youth minister for a year, and then moved back to Southern California to work as a high school teacher at Servite High School for 3 years. I have been Catholic all of my life.

What are some of the factors that led to your decision to enter the seminary and discern the question of a vocation to the priesthood?

My family has certainly had a large impact on my discernment. My parents have been devout my whole life, but when we moved to St. Louis I witnessed a deepening of their faith and desired the same for myself. They have continued to be people that have modeled holiness and openness to God’s plan for their lives. In addition, they have been incredibly supportive throughout the process of discernment.

The multiple moves that my family made throughout my life definitely impacted my discernment as well. When my life had to restart, it was an opportunity to grow in trust and confidence in the Father’s providence.

My time at Franciscan was also beneficial in my discernment. It was a place where holiness was taken seriously, and to be formed by the culture and staff was beneficial to my understanding of who God is and what life with Him should look like. 

Who are some of the people who influenced your decision to enter the seminary? What is it about them that assisted you?

My parents influenced my decision, as they were the ones I talked to when I would experience the interior draw towards the priesthood. 

A priest that I met in Illinois, Fr. Matt Jamesson, also played a large role in my discernment. At the time I felt directionless, and he reawakened a desire for holiness that had fallen dormant. He also modeled for me what it was to be holy in the diocesan priesthood in a way I had not seen before.

Finally, my brother seminarian, Eddie Huber, has played a large part in my discernment. For the three years that I worked at Servite and wrestled with the desire/call for priesthood, it was incredibly beneficial to have someone to talk to, walk with, and discern alongside. 

Describe the moment that you knew you wanted to take the next steps to become a priest?

I was on a road trip with my family in Idaho. My uncle and I got up early and drove to the top of a mountain to watch the sunrise. While we were there, I felt a pull on my heart to reconsider what I had put off for so long.