The Catechist is a faithful witness of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.  He or she is called to live that witness in service to the Church Christ founded.  Just like the disciples on the road to Emmaus, the Catechist has met the Lord along the way, has recognized Him in the breaking of the bread and the opening of the Scriptures and now shares with others the Good News of the Resurrected Christ (Luke 24:13-35).

Re-Certification is the process of renewing basic certification annually. The re-certification process may begin on the first date that a valid certificate was granted. Basic Certificates will be issued at the end of April, August and December. All three steps and 6 additional hours and observation in religion must be submitted on the EMMAUS Student Portal for review by the 1st of the month when certificates are issued.

After initial certification the catechist will continue the path of formation as a missionary disciple with the following steps. Each Step will be supplemented by 6 additional hours of enrichment to be selected from various institutes and/or approved catechetical conferences.


Step/Year One: Accompaniment Training, plus 6 enrichment hours

Step/Year Two: Called and Gifted Workshop, plus 6 enrichment hours

Step/Year Three: Telling the Great Story, plus 6 enrichment hours

teaching observation in religion – requirement for catechist and catholic school teachers

(If needed, click here for observation form)

How To Begin

Online faith formation learning, click here.

In person courses, click here

Enrichment hours may be completed by:

  • Courses and workshops offered through the Emmaus Institute either live or online.
  • Workshops, In-services and Convocations that are religion based offered through the Office for Evangelization & Faith formation (Catholic Schools, Youth Ministry, Parish Faith Formation) and other Diocesan offices.
  • Workshops offered at the Los Angeles Religious Education Congress – see below to download listing of approved workshops
  • Southern California Renewal Communities (SCRC) Convention, Loyola Institute (LI), CSJ Network.

Please inquire with the Emmaus Institute Office to make requests for conference or Institutes not listed here for approval.

Download the Verification for Recertification Form- click here

Events not suitable for consideration:

  • Any event in which the date precedes your last re-certification renewal.
  • Concerts
  • Books, Movies or audio tapes

Re-Certification Lapse – If your annual certification has lapsed more than four (4) years, the Basic Certification process must be completed again.

Ready to Re-Certify

Download Re-Certification Application Form – click here

Download Observation Form – click here

Faith Formation Parish Leaders – Download Re-certification Verification Group Form – click here

Combining Online And Live Courses

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