About Us

General Description

Restorative Justice/Detention Ministry (RJ/DM) is first and foremost a ministry of presence. We communicate the Good News of God’s unconditional love and mercy to those incarcerated. We affirm each person, not necessarily their behavior, and invite them to grow as sons and daughters of God. Our work takes place within the facilities we serve and extends to the families and community outside. We recognize our responsibility to educate those who have not experienced the people we serve as valuable individuals created in God’s image. We are called to advocate for the poor and marginalized; the hungry, thirsty, naked, stranger, sick and…..the imprisoned; we see our mission not as an act of charity but as a living of the central mission of the Gospel.

Restorative justice is a response to crime and violence that shifts the focus from punishment to “responsibility, rehabilitation and restoration.”  It holds offenders accountable even as it opens paths to healing, especially with victims.  And it addresses the needs of everyone impacted by crime: victims, offenders, families, communities, and those working in the criminal justice system.  (California Catholic Conference of Bishops)



  • Provide hope and healing to the incarcerated and all those affected by crime and the criminal justice system
  • Minister to the spiritual needs of Catholics in the Orange County jails, juvenile detention facilities and children in protective custody
  • Provide religious activities and services within the facilities
  • Provide outreach services and resources to help families of both the victims and the incarcerated as well as local communities
  • Bring awareness about our criminal justice to parishes and the larger community
  • To advocate and support Restorative Justice legislation consistent with the tenants of Catholic Social Teaching/the Gospel


Who We Serve

  • Adult and juvenile Catholic inmates
  • Victimized minors housed in protective custody
  • Families of both victims and offenders
  • Our parishes and the larger community


Where We Serve

  • All Orange County adult jail and juvenile detention facilities (no prisons in O.C.)
  • Santa Ana City Jail
  • Orangewood Children’s Home
  • In parish communities


 What We Provide

In the adult jails and juvenile facilities

  • Bible studies / Faith Sharing
  • Communion services
  • One-on-one pastoral visits
  • Sacramental preparation
  • Mass
  • Confessions
  • Retreats
  • Specialized restorative justice recovery sessions
  • Liturgical season activities (Christmas, Lent, Easter, and more)
  • Off-site activities (with minors in juvenile custody)


In Parishes

  • Victims of Domestic Violence Support Groups
  • Specialized at-risk and gang involved Youth Ministry Outreach
  • Parenting Classes and intervention services
  • Family Support Resource and Services
  • Gang Awareness training
  • Ministry Presentations


In-Community Partnerships

  • Local Law Enforcement & Corrections
  • County Agencies (e.g. Health Care, Social Services, Public Defender)
  • Local Universities & Community Colleges
  • Parish Communities
  • Various non-profits that include:
    • Saint Vincent de Paul Societies Lights On (Assisting inmates released from jail at night)
    • Project Kinship (Post release re-entry and resources services)
    • Padres Unidos Parenting Skills Development Classes


Interested in learning more about us?

If you are interested in learning more about our ministry, you can schedule to attend one of our Ministry Overview Presentations.

Click  HERE  to see available dates and scheduled to attend the Overview Presentation.


Interested in having us do a Presentation at your parish?

If you would like us to conduct a Presentation about our ministry or about Restorative Justice at your parish or event, please call us at 714-282-4261 or email: [email protected].

CA. Catholic Conference Office of Restorative Justice, web link: http://www.cacatholic.org/restorejustice/ 

We are connected with other diocesan Restorative Justice Offices and their Bishop’s on a state level as well.