Pope Francis has called on the Church to form missionary disciples for the New Evangelization. In response, the Diocese of Orange has partnered with St. John’s Seminary in Camarillo to develop a program of studies and formation.

The program is part of a pastoral strategy to ignite the Catholic faith in Southern California and build up a civilization of love. You are invited to participate in the inaugural course—part of a larger program—that prepares layleaders and others for this vital work.

The new program prepares students for ministry, pastoral leadership and taking an active role in the New Evangelization. Students will have a unique opportunity to learn from expert theologians.

Students also will learn practical pastoral and ministerial management skills from active clerics, and become steeped in the faith, knowledge and passion that is driving the New Evangelization.

More Details

The in-classroom schedule for the first course will be Monday evenings, Feb. 4-May 13, from 7-9 p.m.

Location: Christ Cathedral Campus / Tower of Hope, 13280 Chapman Ave, Garden Grove, CA 92840

Introductory price for the initial course: $1,200

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For more information, contact Daniella Aquino at 714-282-3060

Frequently Asked Questions

  • At the present time, anyone can take a course. Once the satellite location is approved by the accrediting body, there will be a formal application process. A Bachelor’s Degree will be required for full credit
  • The program will be modified as a certificate program for those who don’t have a minimum of a BA/BS. The courses are also available for audit. At this point, all students will be charged the same reduced (by half) rate for the course

  • There is no formal application process at this time. If you would like to register for the first course, please contact newevangelization@rcbo.org or 714-282-3060

  • There is no tuition assistance at this time, though we anticipate assistance will be available for future semesters
  • However, the first course is being offered at a reduced (by half) rate

  • The program is accredited by WASC and ATS and approval for offering this program at Christ Cathedral is pending

  • Students will be able to pace themselves. We hope to be a full-time program in 2-3 years, adding courses each semester
  • The program will require the completion of 48 units – while students may complete the program at their own pace, completing in two years requires 4 courses or 8 units a term, three terms a year for each year of the program. Each two credit course will meet for two hours a week and require about six hours of preparation. This means that 4 courses a semester will require more than 40 hour week commitment. Working professions are recommended to complete the program in four years – two courses a semester

  • The cost of $1,200 is a reduced cost for this first course. The per unit cost is $1200. This is a 2-unit course

  • The first course will require 1-3 hours of additional study per week

  • No. Students are able to pace themselves according to their personal schedules

  • Most likely. If you have a preferred schedule, please send us your feedback

  • Books and materials are additional costs

  • Class times and days will vary in the future

  • TBD. Enrollment for the first course will cap at 25

  • Yes, however materials and tests will be available in Spanish

  • We hope to offer some courses in Spanish in the future. We are aiming to make it possible to get the bibliography in Spanish and test in Spanish for many classes

  • That depends on the instructor for this first course. But if someone is anticipating missing a lot of classes, we suggest waiting for the next time that the course is offered

  • Not at the moment

  • Please contact newevangelization@rcbo.org or 714-282-3060 for information regarding payment options

  • No

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