Thanksgiving reflections

Dear friends,

In just a few days, as we gather for the uniquely United States day of Thanksgiving, we will be hearing these words (or similar ones!) from Sacred Scripture: “In every thing (or all circumstances) give thanks (1 Thessalonians 5:18).  As we approach this day this year, in our journey of Faith in this last year here on the Campus, those are my sentiments and reflections when I think of all of you, meet you in the halls and in your work areas of our Pastoral Center. Thank you for your ministry to all of the Lord’s people who come our way, our fidelity and witness, especially in changing times and circumstances. God is faithful to us in all moments, and His love and face is shown to us in sometimes surprising ways: as we strive , cooperating with His grace, to build up the ecclesial communion of our local Church, and look beyond our circumstances to His love and mercy.

We can also be grateful for the living heritage of Faith here in Southern California, which is many ways, predates other areas of our country.

I am especially grateful for your kindness and concern this year, as I and my brothers continue to reflect on my sister Mary Therese’s sudden death on December 31.

I look forward to seeing many of you tomorrow at our Thanksgiving Mass and gathering. Safe travels and blessed and joyful time with family and friends to all.

+Kevin W. Vann