DMC 2020

Diocesan Ministries Celebration 2020 – VIRTUAL


We Have a Story to Tell – Learn the Story – Tell the Story

We live in a world that’s lost its way.  That’s always been true.
We live in a world longing for GOOD NEWS.  True again.
We live in a world that is hungry for God, whether it knows it or not.

And we have a GREAT STORY to tell.

Join us on

Saturday October 17th | 9AM-3PM


and get ready to tell the world the Story it longs to hear.

“….it is precisely in contemplating Jesus’ death that faith grows stronger and receives a dazzling light; then it is revealed as faith in Christ’s steadfast love for us, a love capable of embracing death to bring us salvation. This love, which did not recoil before death in order to show its depth, is something I can believe in; Christ’s total self-gift overcomes every suspicion and enables me to entrust myself to him completely. Pope Francis Lumen Fidei, 14

 Begin now to invite ALL the faithful to join us for this historic event!

There will be keynote presentations and discussion of THE GREAT STORY in three language communities: English, Spanish and Vietnamese.


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