Reflections while at St. Peter’s Basilica

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord,

As I write there words I am sitting here reflecting in St. Peter’s Basilica this afternoon .

I was able to be at the General Audience this morning, and I mentioned to the Holy Father of the prayers of all of our Diocese for his ministry .

I also want to personally congratulate Bishop Kevin Farrell of the Diocese of Dallas who was just appointed today by Pope Francis to head the new “Dicastery” of the Holy See for Laity, Family Life and Life. He is a good close friend and we worked closely together when I was in Fort Worth. He was known as “Kevin of the East” and I was known as “Kevin of the West,” and together we “covered” what is known as the Metroplex!

He will bring his years of experience as a pastor and missionary and administrative skills to this important and new significant Vatican department . I am very proud of Bishop Farrell and he has my prayers and fraternal support and that of the Diocese of Orange.

+ Bishop Kevin W. Vann