Mission San Juan Capistrano

The plaques that we encountered in our pilgrimage in Mallorca and recently in Queretaro Mexico came to mind with the annual Gala at Mission San Juan Capistrano, entitled “The Romance of the Mission.”  This is a beautiful event every year that highlights the beauty of the Mission and the memory of Fr. Serra in beauty, music, the Mission Bells, prayer and a banquet together in the Mission Courtyard. Congratulations to James and Madeline Swinden for their recognition and dedication to the life of the Mission. I also had a chance to spend some quiet time in prayer and reflection in the Serra Chapel the presence of the Retablo installed during the time of Fr. Saint John O’ Sullivan; and in the beautiful  Saint Peregrine Chapel.

Thank you to Msgr. Michael McKiernan and the capable  staff of the Mission and all who work and minister together on behalf of the Mission.

+Bishop Kevin Vann

Inside Serra Chapel

Dinner in the Mission Courtyard


The Mission Bells at night

The Great Stone Church, the site of the gala’s concert