Coming up this Saturday on the Christ Cathedral Campus

I would like to take just a few moments and thank and commend the efforts of the Catholic Medical Association of the Diocese of Orange and the Women of Endow (group of Catholic women already here in the Diocese which the Orange County Catholic has already written about) for their upcoming workshop tomorrow, August 9, on the Christ Cathedral Campus. It is timely because it reflects the writings of Saint John Paul II on suffering in his encyclical “Salvifici Doloris” and also is reflective of the teaching of the soon to be beatified Pope Paul VI. It is still not too late to attend.

As their advertising says “This unique retreat allows participants to step away from the busyness of their lives to reflect with Pope Saint John Paul II on the message of joy and hope in suffering. When we suffer in union with Christ, it can be a source of innumerable graces and blessings, a powerful means through which our lives are transformed and made holy. During this retreat will explore the various ways that we experience suffering in the world, its origins and our quest for its meaning. Pope Saint John Paul II will show us how it is only in Christ that we can hope to find any meaning and purpose in our experience.”

Thanks to all who helped to sponsor and plan this day, especially the Catholic medical Association of the Diocese of Orange, the Women of Endow, and our Diocesan Natural Family Planning teachers. Given the fact that the Church in the United States recently marked “Natural Family Planning Week” and the upcoming Beatification of Pope Paul VI, their involvement is especially appreciated.

This event will be held tomorrow, August 9, from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM in the Catholic Cultural Center on the Christ Cathedral Campus, 13280 Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove, California. This event also reminds us how the Christ Cathedral campus is a place of welcome for gatherings, for evangelization, teaching, and living our Faith in many ways.

In Christ,

+ Bishop Kevin Vannin_the_christian_meaning_of_suffering