40 Days of Solidarity

Lent is here. Ashes are received on our foreheads today and we remember that we are dust and to dust we shall return. We hear the words from Psalm 95: “If today you hear his voice, harden not your hearts.” As we begin this holy season, we ask for our hearts to be softened and we recall the way in which Lenten preparation calls us into solidarity…

  • a solidarity of having the same mind and attitude that is ours in Christ Jesus
  • a solidarity that draws us into that one human family that the God of Israel in Jesus Christ reveals and draws together
  • a solidarity with those who for whatever reason find themselves on the margins of society, unwelcome, unwanted, unloved
  • a solidarity that disrupts disordered economy, religious exclusion, and idolatrous affections of the status quo
  • a solidarity that seeks radical hospitality
  • a solidarity that knows forgiveness of sin…as it forgives the sins of others…
  • a solidarity that recognizes the universal destination of goods
  • a solidarity of that life and love that leads to the cross in hope of the resurrection

Traditional Lenten observance focuses in three areas: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. As we draw close to God during this holy season, we are called towards that deeper solidarity with our neighbors – and often it is through service to our neighbor that we meet God and are challenged in our own lives by the Holy Spirit. We invite you to pray, fast, and give in “40 Days of Solidarity.” Four specific areas we are highlighting this year are:

  • solidarity with immigrants and refugees (prayer)
  • solidarity with those particularly vulnerable at life’s beginning and end (prayer)
  • solidarity with those struggling with poverty and homelessness (prayer)
  • solidarity with victims and survivors of human trafficking (prayer)

There are great ways to engage these focus areas, including our Mission of Mercy campaign [English/Spanish], 40 Days for Life, CRS Rice Bowl, and Awareness Around Human Trafficking (Bookmarks) and Homelessness.

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May God bless us in our Lenten preparation, forgive us our sin, and lead us all into abundant life!


Peace and All Good,

Greg Walgenbach

Director of the Office of Life, Justice & Peace