Hispanic Ministry

Pastoral Vision: Moved by the Gospel, and authorized by the Ordinary Bishop of Orange, the Office for Hispanic Ministry (OHM) strives to promote greater integral and enthusiastic participation of Catholics of Latin-American descent; who are as a positive contribution to our diverse Church of Orange. With a welcoming and inclusive spirit, the OHM commits to respond to the pastoral needs of Catholics of Latin-American descent, by building strong relationships and offering support to ecclesial parish leaders, parish group leaders, apostolic movement leaders, and lay leaders of ecclesial associations. The primary goal of OHM is to bring all Hispanic Catholics into a full participation in the life and mission of the local Church of Orange, while strengthening their unity of the One Body of Christ. The OHM also provides effective support and collaboration to other Diocesan offices and agencies serving Catholics of Latin-American descent, with the objective to provide superior services through a true Connection and Collaboration. OHM develops leadership opportunities for Hispanics and expands the ministerial capacity of parishes to respond to the growing Hispanic presence within our Diocese. OHM does not only reach out to the Hispanic faithful, but strives to provide the entire community with an inclusive approach to the local makeup of our multi-cultural reality. At the same time, the OHM, functions as an advocate for Hispanic ministry in the national and regional structures of Hispanic Ministry; keeping all local parishes and apostolic movements connected and communicated regarding local, regional and national proposed projects by the Ordinary Bishop of Orange, as well as by the California Catholic Conference of Bishops, and the US Catholic of Conference Bishops.

Ministry Objectives

  • The Office for Hispanic Ministry (OHM) promotes a renewed ecclesial vision for Hispanics Catholics living in Diocese of Orange; by promoting the Pastoral Plan direction authorized by the Ordinary Bishop of Orange.
  • The OHM strongly supports a Connection, and Collaboration with parishes’ leaders who oversee Hispanic Ministry either lay, religious, and/or ordained.
  • The OHM closely works and monitors the parish and Diocesan leaders, and boards, of the largest Hispanic “Apostolic Movements” and “Lay Associations,” within our Diocese.
  • The OHM strengthens the leadership formation development of our local parishes’ Hispanic leaders; either from apostolic movements and/or parish groups.
  • The OHM partners and collaborates with other Diocesan offices and agencies serving Catholics of Latin-American descent.
  • The OHM planned, organized, sponsored, and promoted Hispanic Diocesan events–Cultural, Devotional, Spiritual, and Formational –to generate a welcoming environment for Catholics of Latin- American descent.
  • The OHM cultivates partnerships with public and civic organizations to offer valuable services to Catholics of Latin- American descent.
  • The OHM stimulates a strong Connection and Collaboration between the diocese’s main Hispanic Catholic Apostolic Movements and Catholic Relief Services (CRS). Especially regarding the program “Plato de Arroz” (Rice Bowl).
  • The OHM assists parishes requesting support regarding conflict resolution. On either, relational, operational, pastoral, ministerial, or harassment.
  • Throughout the Diocese of Orange, the OHM puts into action the Diocesan Directives for speakers and singers; either lay, ordained, or religious from outside our local diocese –either national or international.