Evangelization and Faith Formation

Children’s Faith Formation Advisory Council (CFFAC) 


  • Deanery 1: Angelica Gutierrez, St. Anne, Santa Ana 
  • Deanery 2: Open 
  • Deanery 3: Michael McHenry, St. Juliana Falconieri 
  • Deanery 4: Open 
  • Deanery 5: Debbie Doke, St. Bonaventure
  • Deanery 6: Cindy Hurley, St. Killian
  • Deanery 7: Marya Wallace, St. Timothy
  • Spanish: Magaly Bernal, St. Vincent de Paul and Sandra Gutierrez, St. Justin Martyr 
  • Vietnamese: Sr. Annuncia Thu Mai, L.H.C., St. Bonaventure