Real Estate and Construction

“Building a Foundation for Evangelization and Faith Formation”

 VISION:  The Real Estate and Construction Department of the Diocese of Orange aligns all Real Estate and Construction of the Diocese of Orange to support the areas of Strategic Focus in the Diocese.

 MISSION:  The Real Estate and Construction Department of the Diocese of Orange is committed to partnering with providing parishes, schools, and other Diocesan managers and operators of real property ‘best-in-class’ support to manage and improve properties to meet the objectives of the Diocese’s Strategic Plan.  The Department builds and supports the mission of the Diocese by providing consistent approaches to supporting the vision of the Roman Catholic Bishop of Orange.

The Office of Construction oversees all construction projects within the Diocese of Orange, including maintenance, renovations, and new structures. We assist all locations with successfully completing their projects through guidance or direct involvement.

We Offer:

  • Required Diocesan-approved contract templates for small projects not needing approval
  • Approved list of vendors and contractors for every trade
  • Project Management to administer and oversee projects through completion
  • Contract execution, budget tracking, invoice processing, and monthly reports
  • Assistance in processing government entitlements for all projects
  • Assistance in determining the scope of work and developing a comprehensive budget
  • Preparation of documents for competitively bidding projects

Real Estate and Construction Main Line:  (714) 282-3088

Andrew Hoover

Director of Real Estate and Construction

(714) 282-3032

Jennifer Loterbauer

Project Manager

(714) 282-3014

Ana Ovalle

Project Manager

(714) 282-3093

Rich Salmon

Real Estate Project Advisor

(714) 282-3111

Lizette Aranda

Project Administrator

(714) 282-4256

Mary Anne Kessler

Contract Administrator

(714) 282-3010