Prepared for every good work

In January of this year, St. John the Baptist Parish happily welcomed four Norbertinesisters:  Sr. Adriana Gacikova, S.Praem.; Sr. Gemma Hugoboom, S.Praem.; and two novices, Sr. Desiree Falcon and Sr. Phoebe Hoang. This past summer, they were joined by two postulants, Sr. Rachel Beck and Sr. Nikki Dinh.  

The sisters have turned the parish convent into their home and are joyfully engaged in the life of the SJB community.  They help in the parish school and participate in various events. They sing Morning Prayer in church with the parish’s Norbertinepriests, attend 6:30 a.m. Mass, and return for afternoon Holy Hour, which is followed by Vespers.  They are also establishing new ministries, such as a prayer group for the school’s 4th to 7th grade students, called ParateViam, which meets once a week and has grown to include some 40 students.  Most recently they began a monthly Bible sharing group for young women ages 18 to 30 

On a recent Saturday, as a way of expressing their gratitude to parish maintenance director DesyNoriega, for his hard work preparing the convent for them, and for all the extra tasks he does for them, the sisters washed and “detailed” his electric cart.  Then they customized it with a hand painted sign bearing the Norbertinemotto: Prepared for Every Good Work. 

The St. John the Baptist Parish community feels blessed to have the Norbertinesisters working and praying with them.  A parishioner coming out of daily mass recently remarked, “Having the sisters here kind of completes the picture.” 

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