“It’s better to light a candle than to curse the darkness.”  – The Christophers 


Since the Diocese of Orange acquired Christ Cathedral in 2013, and certainly upon its dedication as the heart of Catholic worship in Orange County, plans have been in place to add votive candle stands throughout the cathedral to enrich the prayer experience for all who visit. 

Before construction started inside the cathedral to renovate it and to transform it into a Catholic place of worship, stands were placed inside the old glass doors at its entrance. Donors could go online to make an offering. A candle was lit in their name and all the candles were viewable via live stream. Once construction commenced, the candles were removed as a safety precaution. 

A few years later, Kymm Binnquist, the campus property manager, and Father Christopher Smith, rector and episcopal vicar at Christ Cathedral, worked to find the safest, cleanest-burning and most-elegant candles and stands that would fit in the different areas of Christ Cathedral. Saint Killians Candles, manufactured in Ireland, were chosen.  

The Killians stands have now been placed in the Blessed Sacrament Chapel, inside the main cathedral, next to the mosaic image of Our Lady of Guadalupe, and in the Crean Tower. 

When indoor Masses resume, attendees and visitors to the cathedral will be able to light a Killians candle to give honor to, and to seek help from the saint before whose image the candle is lit. And just as common, to pray for the deceased. 

Bishop Kevin Vann, often speaks of his mother lighting a candle each time the family attended Mass when he was a child, and teaching he and his siblings the importance of the offering. This timeless tradition is now possible thanks to St. Killians, the generous donors of the stands, and the Christ Cathedral team. 

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