The saint once said,“Hear me declare with boldness; I am a Christian.” 

St. Polycarp was a second-century Christian and a bishop of Symrna. He died as a martyr in 156 AD, and the church celebrates his feast on Feb.  13. His legacy of faith continued across generations from modern Turkey to Orange County.  

Surrounded by strawberry and bean farms to the south, and a working farm to the east, Saint Polycarp School was built of brick by parishioners in 1959. Sixty-one years later the school continues its tradition of faith and academic excellence to prepare students for heaven, college, and career. The school serves students in Stanton and neighboring areas, grades TK – 8th.  

As a school community, St. Polycarp School members strive to live out the saint’s spirituality and heritage by declaring faith with boldness in everyday action. Central to every student’s elementary school education is one’s spiritual formation. Students are encouraged and challenged to use their creativity, communication, critical thinking, and collaboration to build community and to be a force for good.  

The school’s core values are commitment, responsibility, integrity, and service. One of its notable graduates is the Most Reverend Jaime Soto, Bishop of Sacramento. Bishop Soto graduated from St. Polycarp in the 70s, and he was ordained as a priest for the Diocese of Orange in the 90s. He celebrated his first Mass at St. Polycarp Church.  

St. Polycarp students have a wide array of opportunities to engage in their faith and build community. This includes daily prayer and religion classes, weekly liturgy, retreats, altar server program, and student-driven social justice service opportunities. Every Thursday students play team-building games with their designated school family. The school family consists of students from every grade level, which allows students to interact with peers with whom they would not regularly interact. 

The school administrator, Principal Mary Flock, began her journey in Catholic education in the Diocese of Orange as a second-grade teacher 18 years ago. After holding leadership positions in Catholic high school and elementary school in another diocese, she returned to Orange County last year. The school continues to thrive under her leadership.  

In addition to small class size, students benefit from a 1:1 ratio of laptops/iPads for grades 4th-8th and a 2:1 ratio for grades TK-3rd. St. Polycarp Catholic School offers a blended learning model of education. Teachers employ a rotation model of blended learning in core subject areas. This model allows small group instruction and one-on-one attention through adaptive software programs and collaborative groups. St. Polycarp School was named to the prestigious Blended Learning Universe index in 2017, joining a select number of schools worldwide with this designation. To learn more about the school and how you can be involved as a family member, alumni, prospective school family, or friends of St. Polycarp, visit  https://stpolycarpschool.org/

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