Mr. Cole Buzon

Year in Formation

Theology 2

Home Parish

St. Angela Merici


June 5th


St. John's Seminary

Dream Car

Maserati Granturismo Sport MC Stradale

Favorite Food

Anything sweet

Favorite Hobby



I was born and raised in Orange County. I’m a June baby. I’m Filipino and I went to Brea Olinda High School and West Coast University for my Bachelor’s Degree in Dental Hygiene and Masters Degree in Healthcare Administration. I worked as a Dental Hygienist for a year and a half before entering major seminary. I worked with the youth to a great extent in my early ministry before seminary.

What are some of the factors that led to your decision to enter the seminary and discern the question of a vocation to the priesthood?

The world did not satisfy. I had a high-paying job, roof over my head, good food, girlfriend, trips planned, etc. God gave me the desire for something more, a life of service to fulfill the potential in which He had planted within me.

Who are some of the people who influenced your decision to enter the seminary? What is it about them that assisted you?

Christ. In the beginning, I kept my discernment process a secret as well as my application process a secret because I wanted my conversations about the priesthood to strictly only be with Jesus, who is our Great High Priest. He drew me in, kept me calm, and kept me on track.

Describe the moment that you knew you wanted to take the next steps to become a priest?

A priest told me that I would be a good priest. For a priest to see the priest in me, it meant a lot and still means a lot.