A Holy Hour for Hope and Healing

A Holy Hour for Hope and Healing will be held on the first Tuesday of each month, starting September 4, at the Arboretum on the Christ Cathedral Campus.

The Holy Hour is being offered for:

  • All those who have experienced abuse of any form in their lives
  • All victims of abuse in our Church
  • The lay and clerical leaders guiding the rebuilding of our Church.

Priests will be available for reconciliation during the Holy Hour.

Bishop Vann Reflections

Bishop Vann Reflects on Recent Abuse Scandals

Bishop Vann explains the importance of praying Psalm 51 during this time of penance of reparation

Spread the Word

As we embark on this journey of prayer and reconciliation for those hurting around us, you can help build this community by getting the word out about A Holy Hour of Hope and Healing. Feel free to Download (Right Click > Save Image As…) and share these images on your own Instagram or other forms of communication.