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FROM BISHOP KEVIN VANN: Notification of Communication Tools

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Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We live in an age of instant communications. While our Church and faith are firmly rooted by centuries old traditions, we must learn to accommodate what is "new" and to adopt those tools and advances that may appropriately enhance the fulfillment of our mission as Catholics.

Beginning January 10th, the Diocese of Orange adds important new components to its already proven internet platform ( ). Our website was visited 244,068 times last year alone - and recently enabled news of my installation as your new bishop to be shared with millions more. Now, we add to this an all-new Facebook page, my personal Bishop's Blog, and for those favoring only the briefest form of communications...a Twitter feed.

My goal is to provide all regional Catholics with accurate, comprehensive information. While our parish communities remain the bedrock of the Church, each of you is also a citizen of the tenth-largest, one of the most economically and culturally diverse Catholic diocese in the nation. By adopting a broad spectrum of communications tools we will better serve your information needs - delivering timely news in the manner you most prefer, and in the language most workable for you.*  In this way the social media means of communication can now become an even more effective means of living our Catholic Faith; and preaching the Gospel anew to the people of our time, in the era of the "New Evangelization."

To learn how to use Facebook, to establish a Twitter account, or to subscribe to my Blog - please use the following links and follow the directions provided:  Info for Facebook Info for Twitter, Info for "Shepherd of Orange" Blog

Happy New Year, and welcome to our communications future!




*  Courtesy of Google Translate





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