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Deferred Action


Faithful Citizenship / Voter Guide Documents

Catholic Social Teaching


Political Activity Guidelines (California Catholic Conference)

The California Catholic Conference is one of 35 similar state organizations in the United States. All Bishops in the state, including retired and Maronite, Chaldean and Byzantine Bishops, are members. The CCC focuses almost exclusively on public policy issues and not the range found at a national Conference such as USCCB. Visit the website for complete information.
California Catholic Conference Click on Join Us to join the Catholic Legislative Network to receive information on key legislation pertinent to California.

The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) is the assembly of all Bishops in the country, served by a staff mostly in Washington, D.C. The organization addresses issues ranging from liturgy to life, church and family issues. You can learn more about the USCCB's broad range of activities at the website.  USCCB Click on Sign up for the Faithful Citizenship e-mail list to receive information on key Federal legislation.

Social Issues


The Church has a rich history of involvement in and support of social justice issues consistent with the teachings of the Church. Following are relevant links which will help one find the Church’s position and call for action on the social justice issues of our time.

USCCB Office of Pro Life Activities

Africa -- AIDS

Catholic Relief Services initiatives
HIV & AIDS in Africa

Faithful Citizenship: A Catholic Call to Political Responsibility

Criminal Justice
U.S. Bishops' Statement

Death Penalty
Support Replacing the Death Penalty:    English Flyer Spanish Flyer

US Bishops' Statement: "A Culture of Life and the Penalty of Death"
Statements by Individual Bishops and State Catholic Conferences

Environmental Justice
John Paul II, The Ecological Crisis: A Common Responsibility
U.S. Bishops' 1991 Statement: Renewing the Earth
U.S. Bishops' 2001 Statement: Global Climate Change
SCC Environmental Justice Program




Social Issues

Health Care
Health Care for the Uninsured" Report by U.S. Bishops
U.S. Bishops "Health Care for All" Campaign Brochure


Food Fast: A Hunger Resource for Youth
Catholic Relief Services

Immigration Reform

U.S. Catholic Bishops and Immigration Website
Pastoral Statements on Immigration
Justice for Immigrants
Justice for Immigrants Parish Campaign materials
USCCB Office of Migration and Refugee Services
Catholic Legal Immigration Network

Labor Issues
USCCB Labor Issues


Life and Family
News Release: California Bishops support Life and Family Initiatives- English
News Release: California Bishops support Life and Family Initiatives- Spanish
Support Parental Notification: English Flyer
Support Parental Notification: Spanish Flyer 

Stand Against Violence: Guide for Parishes
Pax Christi USA

Catholic Campaign for Human Development
Poverty USA: America's Forgotten State
Poverty Quiz
Poverty Tour: A Budgeting Exercise
U.S. Census statistics on poverty and much more
Parish fundraiser which supports indigenous farmers and honors the Earth

Third World Debt
Catholic Campaign on Debt

Diocesan Commission on the Status of Women in the Church and Society – San Bernardino


Legislative Advocacy

Catholics are called to use eyes of faith to bring moral convictions to their civic and political life. Faithful citizenship calls believers to measure all candidates, policies, politics, and platforms by the values of Scripture and Catholic Social Teaching. It is our responsibility to keep in mind and heart the life, dignity, and rights of all people, to do what we can to advance the common good, and especially to protect the poor and vulnerable among us. There is more to Faithful Citizenship than voting responsibly. Catholics are called to participate in the continuing political and legislative process.

Here are some links where you will find the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops teachings on Faithful Citizenship. The California Council of Catholic Bishops’ provides perspectives on more California and regional issues, with good links to the National Council of Catholic Bishops positions as well.

As an example, The California Council of Catholic Bishops webpage on documents provides the reviewer with information relevant to Catholic social justice issues at the California State level, with background links to such important California Catholic Bishop’s statements such as the statement of March 21, 2006 on Immigration Reform, “And Who is My Neighbor”.

NETWORK – a National Catholic Social Justice Lobby, is a place where one can find out how the Church advocates for social justice at the national level, with links to organizations which support and advocacy support groups, with information on how to connect with these organizations.

Congressional Districts

State Senators and Assembly by Diocesan Deaneries

U.S. Senators and Congress by Diocesan Deaneries



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