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Jan May 2013 - "Living Out The New Evangelization"

Jan April 2013 - "Pope Francis's Pontifical Ministry Begins"

Jan March 2013 - "A Look Back at Benedict's Papacy"

Jan February 2013 - "Bishop Kevin Vann Installed as Fourth Bishop of Orange"

Jan January 2013 - "Bishop Kevin Vann Installed as Fourth Bishop of Orange"

December December 2012 - "Congratulations Kevin W. Vann "

November November 2012 - "Fifty Years Later The Meaning of Vatican"

October October 2012 - "Fourth Bishop of Orange Appointed"

July front September 2012 - "Free Clinic Serves Thousands"

July front August 2012 - "Kateri Feast Day Draws Native American"

July front July 2012 - "Following the Will of God"

june2012_cover_sm June 2012 - "Stellar Seniors"

may2012_cover_sm May 2012 - "Bishops Cross the Threshholds of the Apostles"

mar2012_cover_sm April 2012 - "Orange Priests Behind the Scenes"

mar2012_cover_sm March 2012 - "Former OC Bishop Meets His New Diocese"

feb2012_cover_sm February 2012 - "The Faces of Married Love"

jan2012_cover_sm January 2012 - "Transforming the Crystal Cathedral into a Catholic Cathedral"

dec2011_cover_sm DECEMBER 2011 - "Helping Hands, Renewing Faith" 17.29 Mb

front_sm NOVEMBER 2011 - "A Special Commemorative Issue" 44.37 Mb

oct_11_sm OCTOBER 2011 "50 Years Later, Connelly Still True to Founding Charism" 13.43 Mb

sep_11occ_md SEPTEMBER 2011 "Firm in the Faith: World Youth Day 2011" 13.47 Mb

occ_0811_sm AUGUST 2011 "Ramped Up for Camp" 10.13 Mb

OCC_July_2011_sm JULY 2011 "Diocese Welcomes Six New Priests" 10.70 Mb

0611_cover_sm JUNE 2011 "Inspiring Graduates from OC’s Catholic High Schools" 11.32 Mb

OCC_0511_sm MAY 2011 "Inspiring Graduates from OC’s Catholic High Schools" 9.58 Mb

OCC_4_2011_md APRIL 2011 "Local Catholics Connect with “the Apostle’s Apostle" 7.44 Mb

OCC_0311_cover_md MARCH 2011 "30 Hours to Enlightenment" 17.90 Mb

OCC_0211_medium FEBRUARY 2011 " Vocation Consideration - Searching for Discernment" 9.18 Mb

occ_0111_sm JANUARY 2011 "The Baking of the Bread" 9.31 Mb

dec2010_lg DECEMBER 2010 "Share Our Selves Celebrates 40 Years of Responding to SOS Calls" 7.81 Mb

image_NOV_2010_sm NOVEMBER 2010 "Mercy House: 20 Years of Helping the Homeless" 3.70 Mb

oct_1010_md OCTOBER 2010 "One Candle in the Dark"  8.90 Mb

sept_2010_sm SEPTEMBER 2010 - "Spiritual Retreat Centers Change with the Times - But the Mission Remains the Same" 32.28 Mb

occ810_bg AUGUST 2010 - "The Spiritual Life of a School" 25.08 Mb


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